How to secure an edge in your upcoming dynasty rookie draft

Matt Harmon

Recently, I am more inclined to secure a top-four pick in this rookie draft than at any point since the 2015 season ended. Through my own analysis and the incoming data from the pre-NFL Draft process, I believe I’ll end up rather even split on the fantasy outlooks of the top trio of Laquon Treadwell, Josh Doctson and Corey Coleman. With Ezekiel Elliot the presumptive 1.01 favorite, those three are likely to follow off the board.

They could conceivably go in any order, but I’d be equally thrilled to land any on my dynasty team. They all bring different positives to the table. If you’re standing at picks one through three, consider making a trade down with the owner of the 1.04. Pick up some other usable assets for your dynasty roster, and be more than content to scoop up whichever of those three wideouts falls to you. As a bonus, if Derrick Henry ends up in a too-good-to-be-true landing spot, you’re in a prime position to key-in on him.

John Sarmento

I focus on draft capital in the run up to the NFL Draft. What a team invests in a player is important, especially a first or high second round pick. That's usually a good indicator of how a team feels about a player, and expectations on that player’s Year One impact. It's something that I use when setting up my rookie draft strategy. Do you expect five receivers, two running backs and four quarterbacks in round one? That's roughly one-third of the first round. That means you need to identify the best players in that group and maximize your picks.

The first two rounds of your league's rookie draft should likely contain most of the Year One impact players. Last year we saw two quarterbacks make an impact. This year we may see none. Each year is different, and we shouldn't waste a high first round pick if we think the class isn't strong. It's better to make 1-2 early picks in a soft year, and look to obtain future first round picks at the expense of position-needy league mates. You'll learn about how to leverage these strategies when you sign up with Draft Day Consultants.

Nathan Powell

The days and weeks leading up to the NFL Draft are a critical time for dynasty owners. As the NFL Draft approaches, you should identify your target players for your rookie drafts and projecting where those rookies could go in rookie drafts based on pre-Draft mock drafts and other indicators of how teams might approach the draft. Then you can begin maneuvering your rookie picks up or down in the draft. A popular move in dynasty leagues is to trade early second round picks for future first rounders. With the hype continuing to build around the 2017 class, you may not be able to do that, but maybe you can get 1.06 or 1.07 and get one of your favorite players in this class for the price of your 2017 first. Even if your team is a contender, the rookie draft is not a time to reach for a position of need.

If you don't have a starting quarterback or only have two or three running backs on your roster, you still have three months after June rookie draft to make trades before you have to set a lineup in September.