Avoid the auto-draft nightmare

Machines are amazing things, and while they might one day rule over us in a Matrixesque dystopia, I'll never trust machines to draft my fantasy football team.

You can fidget with your pre-draft rankings all you want, but the failing of the auto-draft system is a lack of flexibility. You set your ranks expecting one thing, and when you return to your computer hours after the draft is finished and rosters are in place, you realize something totally different transpired.

Everyone waited on quarterbacks. Running backs went hot and heavy in the first two rounds. A few teams took receivers with their first four picks. All of these scenarios require on-the-fly adjustment -- something auto-draft, no matter how you try, can deliver.

Let's not forget that most major fantasy sites have pre-set ranks that leave, well, something to be desired. A team created with those rankings is something close to dead on arrival.

We've all missed fantasy drafts. Life happens. We have family and work and other myriad responsibilities that keep us away from our draft room on draft night. It's horrific; it's enough to make my stomach sink just writing about it.

It's the auto-draft nightmare, and Draft Day Consultants, Inc., wants to help you avoid it in the coming weeks. We'll connect you with one of our industry-leading consultants, who will have an in-depth exchange about your league settings and your league mates' tendencies. The consultant will simply step in for you on draft night and create a robust, reliable squad that a machine never could.

Check out our offerings today and let us help you avoid the horror of an auto-drafted fantasy team.