Hire a consultant for one draft, dominate the rest

A new season brings with it fresh challenges, even for the most veteran of fake football fiends.

The unavoidable learning curve must be mounted, no matter if you've played fantasy for several years or none at all. Oftentimes this abrupt reentry into the NFL's orbit occurs immediately before partaking in multiple drafts.

Why not sign up for a consultation for your first draft of the season? You can use the knowledge gleaned from a lengthy one-on-one interaction with a seasoned Draft Day Consultants (DDC) staff member to dominate the rest of your drafts.

Player news, draft trends, and general strategies will all be discussed at length as you draft your initial team - giving you a decided leg up on the rest of your competition as the summer unfolds. Plus after the consultation you'll have a DDC-approved roster and the rest of that early-bird league won't know what hit them.

The folks at DDC are engaged year-round. Clients can not only use this to their advantage (and their league mates' disadvantage) by enlisting our services for their first draft, but they can take that knowledge with them after a crash-course in the best strategies to crush 2014 fantasy leagues.