Rookie drafts: our consultants can help

Undoubtedly, rookie drafts are the most important, and most difficult, aspect of dynasty fantasy football leagues. If you screw up your first round rookie pick and don't make up for it in the later rounds, you are looking at negative consequences for your roster for years to come.

Not only does that pressure exist, but rookie evaluations are hard.

At Draft Day Consultants, Inc., we're able to dedicate our days to studying football. As a normal human being with friends and hobbies, that just isn't realistic. Our dynasty consultants have studied all eligible rookies from every possible angle over the past few months. They have watched the tape, studied the advanced metrics, know the height, weight and 40 time of every player who could possible make a difference for your dynasty team.

Given that information, we at DDC, Inc. have decided to offer consultation services for your rookie drafts, as well as your start-up dynasty drafts, IDP leagues and standard re-draft leagues. Have an eight-round rookie draft where you need to scour the Undrafted Free Agents for some extra value? We have you covered.

Just want to make sure you are doing the right thing with your 1.01? Don't worry, we can put your mind at ease.

-Davis Mattek