How (and where) we secure an advantage for you

The expertise of Draft Day Consultants' fantasy analysts stretches across the various parts of a draft. It's in the middle and late rounds, however, that championship teams are built, and that's where we'll help you dominate your draft this summer.

Anyone with a pulse and some understanding of football will snag a high-end fantasy option with their first few picks. Those picks are whiffable, of course, but hardly anyone gains an edge on the competition as the most sought-after players fly off the draft board in the opening rounds.

It's not until the middle rounds that astute -- and well studied -- fantasy owners can find what we like to call draft day equity, or gaps between where a guy is being drafted and how many fantasy points he might score this season. When owners look back at their various drafts, it will almost always be rounds 7, 8, 9, and beyond that will make their eyes widen with surprise. That guy was drafted in the eighth?

The 2013 season was no different. Jamaal Charles, Jimmy Graham, and Calvin Johnson were on plenty of title-winning fantasy squads, but a look at a list of the most common players on championship teams will show that the likes of Knowshon Moreno (an 11th round pick), Josh Gordon (an 8th round pick), Harry Douglas, and Zac Stacy were keys to winning teams. Julius Thomas, fantasy's third highest scoring tight end, was drafted as a late-round flier.

Antonio Brown, fantasy's eighth highest scoring receiver, was selected in the fifth round. Twenty receivers were taken before Pierre Garcon, who ended the season as a top-12 option. Twenty-three running backs were drafted before Eddie Lacy (fantasy's No. 7 back) left the draft board in 2013. These players -- and many more -- ended up on many of our consultants' fantasy teams, and they reaped the benefits.

Domination of the middle rounds and the all-important waiver wire are the difference between mediocrity and excellence in fantasy football. Draft Day Consultants understands this, and we focus our attention on exploiting massive inefficiencies in the middle and latter parts of the draft. Anyone who hires us as consultants will agree, if not on draft day then by mid-season.

The diminutive Jonathan Bales has done groundbreaking work on where, exactly, we can find the best draft day values. His research shows that almost half of picks made between picks 61-75 outperform their average draft positions, while only one in four players selected in the 31-45 range do the same. A shockingly low 11 percent of players selected in the first 15 picks outperform their respective ADPs, according to Bales. It's all fantastic data that makes a clear point: leagues are won in the middle rounds, not the early rounds.

Our consultants, during pre-draft discussions with clients, will highlight players who are undervalued and being taken in the middle and late rounds. Remember: we've spent all off-season examining the fantasy ramifications of every coaching change, draft pick, and free agency signing. Our consultants run through dozens of mock drafts before the real thing. It's our passion -- that will shine through during your fantasy draft.

We'll help you own the middle and late rounds.

-Denny Carter