Welcome to Draft Day Consultants: Why is this service superior to Twitter questions?

Why, you might ask, would I shell out money for consultation when for years I've gotten advice from fantasy analysts on Twitter for free?

It's a perfectly reasonable question, and one that I considered quite a bit while constructing Draft Day Consultants, Inc.

Our consultants have (and will) answer questions tossed their way on the Twitter Machine by fantasy owners doing everything they can to gain and maintain an edge on the competition. We respect that. You're invested in your teams.

The live help we offer during online fantasy football drafts is unique and clearly not replicable on Twitter. You usually have 30 or 60 or 90 seconds to make your pick. Twitter works fast, but not that fast. Our draft day consultation would be one of our seasoned consultants in the draft room with you, scouring the draft board for the kind of screaming values that win leagues, season after season, no matter the format. We will offer nothing more or less than advice on what we would do in a particular situation. It's your team, it's your league -- we're simply there to help.

After the smoke from draft day clears and you're faced with 16 or 17 weeks of sometimes gut-wrenching decision making, why would you pay for our advice when you could simply send a question our way via tweet?

I helped two longtime friends and two family members during the 2013 season, offering my reasoned advice on almost every waiver wire transaction and trade proposal. I was deeply familiar not only with the makeup of their teams -- their strengths and weaknesses -- but with the leagues. It didn't take long to familiarize myself with the caliber of each league. I understood who to prioritize on the waiver wire and what to ask for in trades. My friends' leagues became my leagues.

The advice I've offered on Twitter is in a vacuum. I try my best to grasp what, exactly, would be best for each fantasy owner who has a question about an upcoming transaction, but with hundreds of queries pouring in every week, offering rock-solid consultation isn't just difficult -- it's impossible.

Our consultants -- experienced fantasy pros I would trust with my own teams -- will give you the in-depth assistance that we cannot possibly offer on Twitter. Your leagues, as I'm sure you'll see, will become our leagues, and while there's no guarantee of a championship run, paying our reasonable fee will secure an undeniable edge on your league mates, no matter how experienced.

-Denny Carter