See what satisfied fantasy football owners have said about our consultants' help during drafts and throughout the NFL season. More than 70 percent of our draft-only clients since 2014 made it to the playoffs, according to client feedback. Eight in 10 clients who have had season-long consultation have made the fantasy playoffs since 2014.

Denny’s pre-draft briefing was very helpful. It helped me understand which players I should target. By the end of my league’s draft, I had a fantasy team with a ton of depth that posted consistently high scores almost every week. That depth helped me survive a few injuries to my players. I won the title that year. I don’t think that would have happened without Denny’s advice.
— Chris G.
Denny’s knowledge and enthusiasm make the fantasy football season even more exciting than it already is. Year after year, he gives me advice that helps me all season—most recently, some fantastic QB recommendations that carried me all the way to the Superbowl in my league.
— Laura D.
With the help of Patrick, I have won our league two out of four years.
— Joe S.
I’ve been playing re-draft fantasy football for over a decade now, but 2013 was my first time in a dynasty league. Being a fan of both football and Twitter, I instantly started soaking up all the info I could online. I made a list specific to fantasy football and started adding and following a lot of folks. Rich is one guy I came back to week after week, with great results. His advice and answers helped me win my first dynasty championship. All hail Lord Reebs!
— Mike S.
I used to spend countless hours researching roster construction, injury news, offensive schemes etc. Then Pat suggested his services and it’s made the entire process so much more manageable. Now I have total confidence in any moves I’m mulling, including trade proposals that he suggests and bouncing proposals off other league managers. Waiver wire pickups are another area where instead of studying the wire I now rely on Pat to make suggestions or even do the work for me. Every season he finds at least a few players that I had no idea about and am able to plug them in and they wind up outperforming the player they were plugged in for. Using Pat’s draft advice, I end up with a top 3 roster no matter where I pick in the order.
— Mike M.
My consultant served as a great self-check on what I was doing with my fantasy team throughout the season. I really valued his opinion, especially on trades and waiver wire moves during the year. It felt like a real advantage in my league, which has a few really good fantasy owners.
— Jamaal B.
The year I won using the help of Pat draft our team, we never made a trade all season long. It was that easy.
— Gary J.
Davis is as knowledgeable as he is unique, a man who is equally comfortable talking woman’s history or JR Smith’s mid-range game. He has saved me from myself in fantasy football ... all while providing a great sense of humor. When it’s 12:50 on a Sunday in September and I’m stressing lineup locks, Davis is the resource I go to, and with a shockingly high rate his advice is correct.
— Tony R.
Working with DDC helped me understand the process of drafting a solid fantasy team. It’s definitely a lesson that I will take with me and use every year. My experience was top notch throughout the season and I appreciate every piece of advice my consultant offered.
— Tammy E.
I consider myself a strong drafter, but Rich brought invaluable insights and tools to the drafting process. He adapted well to my particular league rules and worked with me to identify players we were both comfortable with. Additionally, he was extremely easy to talk to during the drafts. Even more valuable to me though was to have someone with knowledge of my team who could act as a sounding board during the season for trades and free agency moves. One of my biggest problems is overcoming the bias of over evaluating my own players. Having an unbiased expert who was familiar with my roster and philosophy allowed me to better identify opportunities and move with confidence.
— Daryl H.
With the help of Pat we were able to pick up players in the draft and throughout the season that no one knew would have the seasons they had.
— Quentin W.
For fantasy football support, there’s no one more knowledgeable than Denny Carter. He doesn’t apply the typical strategy or draft guide to winning—he won’t just throw stats at you. Last season, he guided me from draft day all the way through the end of the season. I finished 2nd in my office league because of Denny.
— Victoria C.
Everyone has an opinion; some are just more trustworthy than others. Davis’s ability to identify trends and maximize value will give you a huge competitive advantage over your league mates. Whether by identifying sleepers using advanced metrics or determining which player to pick through scheme analysis, you’ll be glad to have Davis on your side.
— Marcus A.


"Draft Day Consultants helped create one of the best fantasy teams I've ever drafted. I made the playoffs for the first time and had a great season from start to finish. Part of me wants to keep Draft Day Consultants a secret among all my league mates!"

                                     -Hank P.