How does it work?

The concept is a simple one. Draft Day Consultants, Inc. takes requests from you, the dedicated fantasy football owner, and connects you with one of our trusted consultants, who will guide you through your draft. Every one of our consultants has a proven track record of fantasy success thanks to year-around research and analysis that gives them an unmatched understanding of player values.

Every one of our consultants has conducted hundreds -- even thousands -- of mock drafts and live drafts over the years, honing their ability to make optimal decisions on the fly.

It's that deep knowledge of how to draft a fantasy football team that will give you an undeniable edge against your friends, family, and coworkers. Our consultants' draft day strategies will help you build a team with roster depth -- one that will put you that much closer to a fantasy championship.

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How do I connect with a consultant?

After we receive your request, we will assign you a consultant, and the consultant will connect with you via email. You can discuss with the consultant how you would prefer to communicate on draft day, whether it's via online chat or a teleconferencing service like Skype. It's up to you.

All clients of Draft Day Consultants, Inc., will remain confidential. We won't mention our clients on Twitter, Facebook, or any other online platform.

What information will my consultant need before my draft begins?

Our consultants will need to know the date and time of your draft, the time zone in which you live, and your preference for how to communicate during the draft.

Most importantly, consultants will need to know the specifics of your league: scoring settings, bonuses, and roster compositions (how many wide receivers, running backs, flex spots, etc.) will need to be provided at least three days before your draft starts. Our consultants won't be able to optimize draft strategy without this crucial information.

Do you consult only for those in traditional re-draft fantasy leagues?

No. Consultants will work with those in keeper leagues, dynasty leagues, and everything in between. We simply must be made aware of which players are already on your team a few days before your draft kicks off.

Will you draft for me?

Consultants will help you in any way possible. If that means you would like the consultant to select players as you move through a draft, that's perfectly fine. In fact, our consultants will conduct your draft by themselves, if that's what you prefer. If you want to choose a different player than the one suggested by the consultant, you'll hear no argument from us.

It's your team, it's your league, it's your draft. We're only there to consult, advise, and inform.

Draft Day Consultants, Inc. can't possibly offer expert analysts in every fantasy football format, right?

Wrong. We have carefully composed a diverse team -- one that can offer expert consultation in any fantasy league. We have a seasoned consultant for those in two-quarterback leagues, individual defensive player (IDP) leagues, and all variety of dynasty formats.

Every one of our consultants are experienced -- and very much prepared -- for traditional re-draft leagues. We have you covered.

Which draft strategies will consultants suggest?

Anything and everything that maximizes a customer's draft day value. If that means waiting until the late rounds to draft a quarterback, for example, that's what we'll suggest. If maximum value means drafting a quarterback in the early rounds, so be it.

Our consultants' advice will hinge largely on how your league mates conduct their drafts; it's often the competition's draft mistakes that point us toward clear value picks. We're trained to spot and exploit draft day values, and that's precisely what we'll do for you.

What is the fee for your consultation?

Draft Day Consultants, Inc. will charge $39.99 per hour for draft day advising for clients.

We will send an invoice to customers within 48 hours of receiving a request for draft day service. We will discuss the likely length of the draft and communicate about payment, which must be received before the draft begins.

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Does your consultation extend into the season?

We're glad you asked. Yes, Draft Day Consultants, Inc., offers in-season consultation, including questions about waiver wire moves, trades, and weekly start-sit decisions. Our team of fantasy football analysts will answer questions throughout the season, helping you navigate the year's most difficult decisions. Shoot an email to for details on our in-season consultation service.

Disclaimer: We don't claim to control the health of your players' ACLs, the integrity of their hamstrings, or the weather in which they play throughout the season. Bad breaks are an inherent part of fantasy football that sometimes chip away at the most solidly constructed teams. Our consultants will help you compensate for these inevitable bad breaks -- both with optimal draft day strategies and weekly advice -- but we hope you understand that even the best fantasy owners run headlong into the buzz saw of bad luck now and again.