The consultants: Experienced and confident, with a proven track record of fantasy football success

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Denny Carter

Denny is owner of Draft Day Consultants, Inc., and a fantasy football writer and analyst for and Carter's fantasy writing has been featured in The New York Times and he cohosts the Living The Stream podcast. Carter created the fantasy points per route run (FPPRR) metric with Rich Hribar.

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Rich Hribar

Rich is a longtime fantasy football gamer in multiple formats and full time obsessive. As a fantasy meteorologist, he is a re-draft writer for Rotoworld. Hribar's study of game flow and fantasy scoring is widely considered to be groundbreaking work in fantasy circles.


Davis Mattek

Davis, a writer for, won his first fantasy football league at 8 years old and hasn't looked back since. A 21-year-old college student at Kansas State University, he makes a living off of both seasonal and daily fantasy leagues. A national finalist in the American Forensics Association and a published poet, Mattek excels in communication, ensuring that your consultation period is enjoyable and advantageous throughout the season.


Nathan Powell

Nathan, a University of South Florida-St. Petersburg graduate, has been an avid fantasy football owner since childhood and began writing for industry publications in 2013. He writes for Dynasty League Football and does a variety of re-draft and daily fantasy analysis for Rotoballer. Nathan specializes in dynasty roster building.  

Patrick Thorman

Pat is a lead writer for Pro Football Focus Fantasy. He has more than 20 years of fantasy football experience, and has successfully advised independently owned fantasy teams for a decade. Pat was named the Fantasy Sports Writers Association 2013 Newcomer of the Year. He also took down the 2013 FSWA Industry Insiders League, comprised of over 120 fantasy experts.

John Proctor

John is a full-time attorney who spends all his free time working on fantasy football and daily fantasy sports. He writes for FantasyLabs, TwoQBs, and FantasyPros. John is best known for his role on the DFS Power Hour podcast. John is an avid fantasy football player and enjoys all formats, from redraft, best ball, dynasty, and DFS. John participates in as many MFL10s as he can in the offseason to make sure he has a firm grasp on realistic ADP. He spends a ton of time studying various ADPs in order make sure that he can take advantage of inefficiencies in these markets.

Ben Gretch

Ben is a writer, editor, and podcast host at RotoViz. He's played fantasy football since the age of 12, when he started a now decades-old neighborhood league after finding an introductory guide in the back of a football magazine his grandmother gave him. With a background in finance, concepts like risk and probability drive his approach. His extensive work on league- and team-level trends inform his projections of potential opportunity ranges for individual players.

Scott Smith

Scott is a writer and analyst at and has more than 20 years of fantasy football experience. Scott has won numerous championship over the years and believes in using numbers and advanced metrics to exploit weaknesses in any fantasy format. Especially interested in the wide receiver and tight end positions, Scott developed the catch radius measurement and fantasy footprint and continues to study statistics in search of the perfect predictive model.

Chris Raybon

Chris is a weekly DFS contributor at 4for4. His work has also appeared at and in RotoAcademy. He combines his background in accounting & stats with his interests and research in game theory and predictive analytics to bring a keen eye to the table of his true obsession: the NFL and fantasy football. The combo of watching every play of every game every season (even the kneel downs), participating in 1000s of mock drafts & having read every single book on the subject have made Chris well versed in every facet necessary to be successful in fantasy.

Dave Caban

Dave is a writer for RotoViz and the founder of He’s known for building powerful fantasy football tools and has spent thousands of hours creating draft/mock draft programs. As a result, he places significant emphasis on draft strategy, roster construction and game theory. As a CPA with a background in financial analysis, Dave is comfortable with condensing large volumes of information into actionable advice. He focuses on tailoring approaches to league settings/tendencies and is well versed in adapting strategies on the fly.

Matt Franciscovich

Matt has played fantasy sports for more than a decade and has spent the last three seasons as a fantasy football analyst for You might recognize him as one of the Fantasy Hipsters on NFL Network’s in-season show, "Fantasy and Friends." Matt’s work has also appeared on, and

Jeff Miller

Jeff is a Senior Writer & podcast host for Dynasty League Football and the DLF Dynasty Podcast. He's been published on Rotoworld, TwoQBs, Sportable, numberFire, and in Football Diehards’ Fantasy Football Pro Forecast print publication. Known for his off-kilter writing style & Twitter presence, Jeff's at his best talking strategy, as his biggest edges are found in market exploitation & taking advantage of the errant thinking of others. With a wealth of experience in salary cap, dynasty, 2QB, redraft, DFS, auction, and high stakes leagues, Jeff has been around the fantasy world and has the scars to prove it.

Josh Hornsby

Josh leads engineering teams in the oil & gas industry. His background in new product development, combined with nearly 20 years of data-driven fantasy experience, compels him to think outside the box and wreck the echo chamber of fantasy analysis. Josh loves to challenge popular thinking and typically does so with numbers in hand.

Jason Schandl

Jason has over a decade of fantasy football experience, and has been writing about sports since he was old enough to hold a pen. He writes Fantasy football and DFS content for numberFire, as well as DFS content for Fantasy Insiders. With experience in traditional redraft leagues, DFS, MFL10s, dynasty, devy, and IDP leagues, there is no fantasy football format he won't dive into.

Joe Redemann

Joe is an NFL Analyst for, where he uses analytics to test the myths and narratives of football. He is the owner of Dynasty Think Tank, an up-and-coming platform for college football scouting and research, and is the author of the only Dynasty rookie draft guide solely for Individual Defensive Players (IDP). Joe's fantasy football specialties are Dynasty leagues, IDP, and particularly deep roster formats. He is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers' Association (FSWA).

Ryan McDowell

Ryan is a dynasty writer for Dynasty League Football and Rotoworld, specializing in evaluating player value, building young, but competitive teams through startup draft and auctions, and formulating consolidation trades in order to gain top-end talent. Ryan is also a commissioner of multiple dynasty leagues and has created several new dynasty formats and unique league rules.

Mike Braude

Mike Braude is the owner and operator of Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues. Mike started playing fantasy sports at the age of 10 and began writing about fantasy football in 2011 while completing a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona. He writes strategic articles on RotoViz and the Apex Insider blog. After years of playing in many competitive high stakes and expert leagues, Mike specializes in position scarcity and roster construction.


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Josh Hermsmeyer

Josh Hermsmeyer is the creator of and air yards based metrics RACR and WOPR. His analysis has been published on Rotoviz, Rotoworld, Rotounderworld, and he authored the chapter on Wide Receivers in the upcoming Rotoworld Draft Book. He is the co-host of The Numbers Game and has created a class on wide receiver air yards at Rostercoach. Josh has appeared as a guest on Fantasy Feast with Evan Silva and Ross Tucker, Dynasty Blueprint with Matt Williamson and Ryan McDowell, and RotoUnderworld with Matt Kelley.


John Sarmento

The man known by his Twitter handle as "Rummy," was formerly one half of the Vegas influenced/DFS Rummy & Ray Fantasy Football Podcast. Rummy spent three years writing and co-hosting the popular 2Mugs Fantasy Football Podcast with Ryan Forbes. Rummy spends an inordinate amount of time obsessing over rookie player breakdowns in the winter, as well as an increasing number of best ball leagues. Rummy has more than 26 years of fantasy football experience.