Draft Day Consultants, Inc. brings the knowledge and experience of seasoned fantasy football analysts to your draft room, offering a competitive edge over your league mates. Come leverage our expertise and secure a distinct advantage on draft day and beyond.

DDC surveys shows that that 84 percent of our 2015-2016 clients made the playoffs in their leagues.


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Check out our consultants' most recent fantasy football research and analysis for sites like XNSports.com, rotoViz.com, 4for4.com, TheFakeFootball.com, and Pro Football Focus Fantasy. See how we're finding fantasy value and fine-tuning our draft day strategies.

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Fantasy football resources

Read what our consultants read before, during, and after the football season. From psychological advice from the poker world to in-depth books detailing rock-solid draft strategy, check out the information that creates long-term fantasy football winners.